I've fallen in love with a particular Argentine artist. Her work has inspired my current painting (at this point of time I am still working on it), and her depictions of nature in its various dimensions has certainly marked a terrain that I'd like very much to keep on exploring.

A short bio on Claudia Ferrari from her website:
Claudia Ferrari was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1961. In her life she has two great passions: languages and painting. She gets a degree as a literary, scientific and technical translator of English and French while she studies painting at MEEBA. While doing her post-degrees studies at the Sorbonne University in Paris, she had the opportunity of getting in touch with local artists. In her search for getting to know new cultures, she studies Japanese and its ideograms for ten years. She then discovers her inner world through Sumi-é, an antique Japanese technique using natural dyes on rice paper. Together with her Teacher Kazu Takeda she turns into the Oriental world where she recreates her occidental being through the techniques of colour Sumi-é. Her teachers were I.Merellano, N.Pagano, E.Audivert and Juan Doffo. In Contemporary and Modern Art, F.Barreda.

This painting below is titled "Back to Myself" and the colours, combined with the beauty of her brush strokes, form the woods whose lushness and burst of life sucks me in completely.

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