Méchante, by Agustina Eden
My art classmates are terribly talented. I bet you'd agree with me. Look at this painting of a 3-D corset by Agustina, and you'll understand why. Agus only started painting about one or two months ago, but she's already creating fantastic, literature-inspiring pieces. I am so impressed.

Now, "Méchante" is French for "naughty woman" and it fits this painting well. A hint of naughtyness, an illusion of a bad girl ready to seduce, flirting carelessly between good and bad. This kinda reminds me of Rihanna's album "Good girl gone bad".

The painting also exudes a class of haughtiness embedded with class, high-society, and haute couture. Be transported to a masquerade ball in Paris during the Bella Époque, dance with masked-gentlemen in dashing suits, run off when the bells chimes mid-night and drive off in your pumpkin carriage, before it all vanishes. Viola!