Ties that Bind Beyond the Confines of Fear
Look at Ronald's latest sketch - I can't help but be in so much awe of my little brother (who really is not that little and will be turning 22 next Monday!).

This is proof of his innate ability not just to sketch and draw well, but also evidence of his deep and profound thought process which cannot be belittled despite his youth.

Somehow I feel a sort of affinity with this drawing, as if the sketch was telling my love story with Juan (and how we had to overcome so many obstacles and difficulties and make a big leap of faith despite all the numerous fears we had about whether we could make our relationship work). But I'll stop here, because the post is really about Ronald and honouring his work.

I am so damn proud of you Ronald Lim!!! I hope you know that your sister who is far away in south America is always rooting and believing in your creative talents and in-born ability to surprise, transform and transcend borders!!

Keep on drawing, sketching, designing and inspiring!
Ronald's sketches are so alive they almost appear to pop up from the plain 2D surface of the computer screen.

His Madhatter sketch, a combination of black, grey and blue exudes both sinister, cheeky and mysterious vibes.
Let's go to the Madhatter party now! Bring your hats and follow me!
January 1st, 2008. A night I remember so very clearly. Juan and I were with Luisa and Fernando in Paris, standing right in front of the Eiffel Tower as fireworks burst into a thousand shades of colours. Everyone was smiling, laughing or just simply celebrating the start of a brand new year, happiness thick as the smoke in the air.

I was crying, because the next day I would leave Paris to return to Mannheim, Germany, where my luggage was in my hostel, and from there I would depart with my roomate Faye for Singapore. I didn't know if I was going to see Juan again.

Looking back, it seemed silly, especially since I am now living in Argentina, in the same country as Juan. But back then, the stroke of midnight and festivities hung a thick cloud over us. This sketch, which I drew shortly after re-locating in Buenos Aires, has elements both sad and happy as we embraced that New Year's night in front of Paris' most iconic structure.
Prayer & Meditation

This is a drawing of my beautiful Spanish teacher Veronica, drawn by her painter friend in Spain.

According to her, her friend had a dream one night of her praying and meditating, and the next morning he woke up full of inspiration. He set out to work, and very soon had this drawing done. He called her immediately after finishing the piece, and scanned a copy for her.

Now this is the copy which hangs on her wall, adorning her house, a prayer to the gods, a show of her meditative spirit.

Indeed, she meditates, she holds Reiki unification sessions, she has a peace that spreads and vibrates from her being. This is probably why she has inspired her friend, and probably many others as well.

Te quiero Vero!!