En la Intimidad (Translation: Intimacy)
After talking so much about my art teacher Emilce, let me finally show you one of her paintings. Emilce always says she doesn´t paint people, or at least never faces, so here's a painting of a woman with her back facing us. It's still very beautiful.

Art is like literature, you have to read between the lines, stare deeper beyong the obvious, and try to understand the depth of the story behind the creator's brushstrokes. Not everyone may appreciate every piece of art in the exact same manner or amplitude. And not everyone has the ability to see beyond the colours and shapes and curves and lines.

But for those who can, art is a refuge, a space of infinite possibilities, undefined shades and a mixture of textures and stroke types. Art can be structured, but more often than not, art may just be a mish-mash of the creator's imaginative powers. And the power that art beholds is infinite, delicate and at the same time trascending all boundaries, social, monetary and physical.