Ah, LV, or Louis Vuitton. However you call it, it exudes exclusivity, luxury and quality. Breathe in the smell of high-quality leather, long-lasting products with or without its famous monogram. Imagine yourself strolling along Champs-Élysées Avenue in Paris, taking in the pretty night lights, carrying an LV handbag or suitcase, pretending to be French. Isn't it just beautiful?

Ronald has once again managed to capture the essence of an object, in this case a brand, and this LV House, set against the MBFC backdrop so extravagantly flaunted from the Marina Bay Sands sidewalk. It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling to see Singapore captured in a capsule, a hand-drawn postcard created by my brother, and the idea that for once, the LV brand and home are so deeply entwined.