Here's another good reason why I believe Mabel has such a great ability to inspire. On a huge square canvas (probably 1 square meter large), Mable created the welcoming of Spring, once again against a setting in the fields, but this time splattered with vibrant colours that are so reminiscient of the season we are all looking forward to, especially right now, since we are in the heart of winter. Mabel, sos una artista tremenda!!!
This metropolitan landscape painting will leave you without doubts about Mabel's inability to create and inspire. A picture says a thousand words, so I won't say much more.
Mabel has the ability to take a huge canvas and paint a totally breathtaking landscape which transforms you to a different place, a different time, and lets you forget for a moment the worries of life. Here's another piece, completely different from the one in the previous post, but with the same amount of power to astonish and amaze. Feel the wind in your hair, imagine you're running through the meadow, flushed with life.
Love love love this piece by my fellow art classmate, Mabel. She always creates the most astonishingly ambitious paintings, whether in size, form, or simply the picture she chooses to use. In this case, there are two paintings which form a beautiful weave of lights when placed side by side. Don't you just love how it brightens up your mood and makes it feel almost like Christmas has arrived?

Gracias Mabel por tu inspiración!!! Qué siempres crees cosas espectaculares y hermosas! Besos!!