I remember that when I first started doodling and drawing all over my scrapbooks, textbooks, or any piece of paper within my reach, I only drew eyes. And not just any type of eyes, but specifically almond-shaped women's eyes. Then with the cessation of my doodlings due to a busier lifestyle in university and other random activities taking priority, my sketching of eyes also stopped.

My brother's latest sketch of this gorgeous yet anonymous woman's eyes reminds me of those doodling times. His drawing has so effectively captured the depth and soul of these captivating eyes, whose lure and hold on the viewer pulls you back a little, making it so delightfully hard to turn away.

Eyes have always been the window to the soul, the little keyhole through which others get a glimpse of a person's hidden world. And these eyes tell the most beautiful tale which defines a woman of inner strength, fierce determination and dreams of a better future.
Ah, LV, or Louis Vuitton. However you call it, it exudes exclusivity, luxury and quality. Breathe in the smell of high-quality leather, long-lasting products with or without its famous monogram. Imagine yourself strolling along Champs-Élysées Avenue in Paris, taking in the pretty night lights, carrying an LV handbag or suitcase, pretending to be French. Isn't it just beautiful?

Ronald has once again managed to capture the essence of an object, in this case a brand, and this LV House, set against the MBFC backdrop so extravagantly flaunted from the Marina Bay Sands sidewalk. It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling to see Singapore captured in a capsule, a hand-drawn postcard created by my brother, and the idea that for once, the LV brand and home are so deeply entwined.
Ties that Bind Beyond the Confines of Fear
Look at Ronald's latest sketch - I can't help but be in so much awe of my little brother (who really is not that little and will be turning 22 next Monday!).

This is proof of his innate ability not just to sketch and draw well, but also evidence of his deep and profound thought process which cannot be belittled despite his youth.

Somehow I feel a sort of affinity with this drawing, as if the sketch was telling my love story with Juan (and how we had to overcome so many obstacles and difficulties and make a big leap of faith despite all the numerous fears we had about whether we could make our relationship work). But I'll stop here, because the post is really about Ronald and honouring his work.

I am so damn proud of you Ronald Lim!!! I hope you know that your sister who is far away in south America is always rooting and believing in your creative talents and in-born ability to surprise, transform and transcend borders!!

Keep on drawing, sketching, designing and inspiring!
Ronald's sketches are so alive they almost appear to pop up from the plain 2D surface of the computer screen.

His Madhatter sketch, a combination of black, grey and blue exudes both sinister, cheeky and mysterious vibes.
Let's go to the Madhatter party now! Bring your hats and follow me!
I mentioned my brother's work in an earlier post, and how much his artwork has inspired me. I used to doodle and sketch quite a bit when I was much younger, but not anymore. The last I did was a sketch of a picture of Juan and I in paris, as we were standing in front of the famous Eiffel tower.

Today I want to show you just how good Ronald is at sketching, and I'm sure you'll agree with me as well.

This is a sketch of a boy sitting on his bike, but I can tell you that it looks exactly like Ronald. For more of Ronald's artistic talent, visit his site RONALD LIM.

His site has a collection of illustrations and photography that might interest some of you. While updates to this site are not very frequent, he has some really good pieces worth checking out.

As all good things go, pass it on! 

A long time ago, even before I started getting interested in painting, my brother Ronald already began developing his artistic capabilities. He enrolled into design school at the National Technology University (NTU) in Singapore, and is on his way to finish his degree in graphic design. Yet while he specializes in this field, he also dabbled in painting, and among his first few pieces was this delightful ballerina piece. He also has a website dedicated to his non-painting artwork, RONALD LIM.