I remember that when I first started doodling and drawing all over my scrapbooks, textbooks, or any piece of paper within my reach, I only drew eyes. And not just any type of eyes, but specifically almond-shaped women's eyes. Then with the cessation of my doodlings due to a busier lifestyle in university and other random activities taking priority, my sketching of eyes also stopped.

My brother's latest sketch of this gorgeous yet anonymous woman's eyes reminds me of those doodling times. His drawing has so effectively captured the depth and soul of these captivating eyes, whose lure and hold on the viewer pulls you back a little, making it so delightfully hard to turn away.

Eyes have always been the window to the soul, the little keyhole through which others get a glimpse of a person's hidden world. And these eyes tell the most beautiful tale which defines a woman of inner strength, fierce determination and dreams of a better future.

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