Ties that Bind Beyond the Confines of Fear
Look at Ronald's latest sketch - I can't help but be in so much awe of my little brother (who really is not that little and will be turning 22 next Monday!).

This is proof of his innate ability not just to sketch and draw well, but also evidence of his deep and profound thought process which cannot be belittled despite his youth.

Somehow I feel a sort of affinity with this drawing, as if the sketch was telling my love story with Juan (and how we had to overcome so many obstacles and difficulties and make a big leap of faith despite all the numerous fears we had about whether we could make our relationship work). But I'll stop here, because the post is really about Ronald and honouring his work.

I am so damn proud of you Ronald Lim!!! I hope you know that your sister who is far away in south America is always rooting and believing in your creative talents and in-born ability to surprise, transform and transcend borders!!

Keep on drawing, sketching, designing and inspiring!

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