January 1st, 2008. A night I remember so very clearly. Juan and I were with Luisa and Fernando in Paris, standing right in front of the Eiffel Tower as fireworks burst into a thousand shades of colours. Everyone was smiling, laughing or just simply celebrating the start of a brand new year, happiness thick as the smoke in the air.

I was crying, because the next day I would leave Paris to return to Mannheim, Germany, where my luggage was in my hostel, and from there I would depart with my roomate Faye for Singapore. I didn't know if I was going to see Juan again.

Looking back, it seemed silly, especially since I am now living in Argentina, in the same country as Juan. But back then, the stroke of midnight and festivities hung a thick cloud over us. This sketch, which I drew shortly after re-locating in Buenos Aires, has elements both sad and happy as we embraced that New Year's night in front of Paris' most iconic structure.
I mentioned my brother's work in an earlier post, and how much his artwork has inspired me. I used to doodle and sketch quite a bit when I was much younger, but not anymore. The last I did was a sketch of a picture of Juan and I in paris, as we were standing in front of the famous Eiffel tower.

Today I want to show you just how good Ronald is at sketching, and I'm sure you'll agree with me as well.

This is a sketch of a boy sitting on his bike, but I can tell you that it looks exactly like Ronald. For more of Ronald's artistic talent, visit his site RONALD LIM.

His site has a collection of illustrations and photography that might interest some of you. While updates to this site are not very frequent, he has some really good pieces worth checking out.

As all good things go, pass it on! 

En la Intimidad (Translation: Intimacy)
After talking so much about my art teacher Emilce, let me finally show you one of her paintings. Emilce always says she doesn´t paint people, or at least never faces, so here's a painting of a woman with her back facing us. It's still very beautiful.

Art is like literature, you have to read between the lines, stare deeper beyong the obvious, and try to understand the depth of the story behind the creator's brushstrokes. Not everyone may appreciate every piece of art in the exact same manner or amplitude. And not everyone has the ability to see beyond the colours and shapes and curves and lines.

But for those who can, art is a refuge, a space of infinite possibilities, undefined shades and a mixture of textures and stroke types. Art can be structured, but more often than not, art may just be a mish-mash of the creator's imaginative powers. And the power that art beholds is infinite, delicate and at the same time trascending all boundaries, social, monetary and physical.
A long time ago, even before I started getting interested in painting, my brother Ronald already began developing his artistic capabilities. He enrolled into design school at the National Technology University (NTU) in Singapore, and is on his way to finish his degree in graphic design. Yet while he specializes in this field, he also dabbled in painting, and among his first few pieces was this delightful ballerina piece. He also has a website dedicated to his non-painting artwork, RONALD LIM.
I believe I have the most beautiful friends, who somehow always end up being artists' muses. This is a painting of my gorgeous Thai-Chinese friend Sue Ann, who has exotic features and a strong solid character that is as exquisite as her face and background. This was cropped from the original picture she sent to get rid of extra white spaces, but the power captured in this piece is still so breathtakingly beautiful, don't you agree? 
I've gotten feedback and comments from some of my lovely readers, who tell me how much this site has inspired them, to feel more, do more, and be more. I'd like to say thank you very much for your encouragement and compliments, because my greatest goal in life is to be an inspiration to those surrounding me. I've realized that we can't choose the lot life gives us, but through the law of attraction, we can attract the good and positive things through our choice in thoughts and actions. Every thought and action is a decision we can make for oursevles, and every step of our lives will be somehow influenced by this very act of choosing. Here's a collage of black and white words that I find very very worthy of your 2 minutes of time.  
Another painting which I found myself unable to tear my eyes away from, was this painting which I saw sitting in Emilce's workshop on the first day I was there. I still don't know if it was Emilce's painting or one of her students, but I am amazed by the beautiful combination of both the cool turquoise tones and the warm orangey-auburn shades that this painting displays. The contrast reminds me of up and down, old and new, modern and traditional, ugly and beautiful. Truly inspirational.
As I mentioned before, I have a fascination (close to obsession) with sunsets. So sometime last year, I made a collage of two sunset paintings which I did in the latter half of 2011. Sunsets bring me peace, because while sunsets brings the day to a close, the sun always, always, rises again.
For the past one year, I've been attending Emilce's paint workshop, where she teaches us the art of acrylic painting and has a showcase of wonderful pieces created by both her and her many art students. During my first few classes, I was so awed by the level of artwork that I couldn't help but take pictures of some masterpieces. This one was painted by a student (I still have no idea who) and its so beautiful. Just two colours in varying shades and tones, and you get transported into the woods, a picturesquely captivating autumn landscape.
Prayer & Meditation

This is a drawing of my beautiful Spanish teacher Veronica, drawn by her painter friend in Spain.

According to her, her friend had a dream one night of her praying and meditating, and the next morning he woke up full of inspiration. He set out to work, and very soon had this drawing done. He called her immediately after finishing the piece, and scanned a copy for her.

Now this is the copy which hangs on her wall, adorning her house, a prayer to the gods, a show of her meditative spirit.

Indeed, she meditates, she holds Reiki unification sessions, she has a peace that spreads and vibrates from her being. This is probably why she has inspired her friend, and probably many others as well.

Te quiero Vero!!